Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Valentine's Day

14 February is Valentine's day.

HAPPY 7th Anniversary

It is a day to celebrate love & affection between your partners. My Valentine's day is not surprising or special but celebrate with the one you care & love is the most important. I do not wish for roses or chocolate during the day but I only wish I can celebrate the day with you. Thanks Acura celebrating the lovely day with me. You had always be at my side whenever I need you. You had bring me a lot of happiness & joy in my life.

On the day itself, Acura come pick me up & buy me a teddy bear banquet & a present (secret) Thank you =)

pink roses
thank you =)

After that we heading to The Ship at Bukit Bintang.

There are many couples in the restaurant....

The Ship

they serve bread & butter

Well, I'm steak lover so we ordered couple set which serve my favorite rib eye :)

Mango Juice
My favorite juice all the time

Guava Juice

Smoke Salmon salad

Seafood soup
mussel, prawn and fish. Love it!

Our main course Rib eye steak!!
the best is cook it to medium rare so you can feel the juicy of the steak :)

Dessert : Cheese Cake

The gift for the couple by The Ship

photo of the day ♥♥

2 teddy from The Ship & Larrie belt to Acura

We spend nearly Rm 200 for the dinner. Poor Acura spend so much trying to make me happy. Thank you for everything you had done for me Dear. The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched,they must be felt with the heart. You'll never truly know how happy that you make me and how much I love you. Thank you for your sweet love.
Happy Valentine's Day!


acura said...

Yeah, spend so much but as long as you're happy then it's worth it ;)

Happy Valentine's Day

Rachel Melody said...

thank you Acura =)
hope u enjoy the day too...
happy valentine's day

Sherry Degarmo said...


m4y said...

u both are romantice ♥

Rachel Melody said...

Sherry : thank you =)
May : thank you ♥

kar xin said...

sweet + romantic = love!

Isaac Tan said...

Happy post valentine day.

Happy Chinese valentine day!!

Have followed your blog, do follow mine back ya :)

Rachel Melody said...

Kar Xin : thank you.... so do ur Valentine's post ♥

Issac : happy chinese Valentine's to you too....
just follow ur blog

Johnny Ong said...

so u are acura's gf

Rachel Melody said...


avanthi arora said...

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Dalia Alaa said...

Dalia Alaa said...

noran amr said...

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