Monday, August 23, 2010

Downtown Coffee & Tea @ Rampai Business Park

I had been to Downtown Coffee & Tea few times. I think this is the only branch at Rampai Business Park. This is something similar to Oldtown White Coffee but this place have more choice of food.

The food we order when first time dine here.

Downtown Chicken Kuey Teow Soup. Serve with some prawn and shredded chicken .
Order by my bf & taste good

Downtown Chicken Porridge. I was sorethroat so I only able to order this & it come with huge portion

Cendol. Even is big portion but taste so so only.

Ribena Longan. Love this

blow before start to eat porridge

Second dining.

Sweet & Sour Fillet Rice. Taste not bad.

Downtown Fried Rice. Serve with 1 prawn, fried chicken, some papadam and greens.
Highly recommend this ^-^

Downtown White Coffee. I love the taste.
Drink before I take photo hehe

There are more variety to choose and price is almost same with those Kopitiam or cheaper depend on your order. The environment is nice and warm.

The picture quality is not good as taken by my Nokia some colour might be change from the real dish But I can say it taste great.

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