Thursday, August 26, 2010

Home Town Steamboat @ Genting Klang

Today I had dinner with my mum & cousin brother since my cousin sister not coming back for dinner so I suggest that we going out for dinner. Feel so warm & harmony to have dinner together.
Going out for dinner is a good idea but where & what we want to eat is the main problem.
Then, I just suggest that we went to have steamboat at Genting Klang.
This shop located at the same row with Kenny Roger. If you are familiar with this place you sure know where its located.
Is only cost Rm14.50 per pax & I think is a reasonable price. They not only famous with steamboat but also famous with chicken wings, chocolate fondue & cheesy fondue.
Since is just only 3 of us so we order steamboat for 2 pax and chocolate fondue.

2 pax portion & come with 2 eggs, 1 yee mee and bihun

chocolate fondue with biscuits, apple, strawberry and ice cream ^-^

biscuits, strawberry, apples and ice cream. Yummy!

The chocolate....
the chocolate taste good & is not too sweet is just nice for dipping.
my cousin just consume the chocolate like that after finished dip those biscuit & etc. LOL

Have such a great time with family today. I will try cheesy fondue next time ^-^
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