Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Universal Studio Singapore

I visited Universal Studio last week with my bf.
Was so excited about this ^-^
All the while I wish to visit Universal studio & now dream come true when it open at our neighbour country Singapore

before we going in ^-^

I was amaze when I step into Universal Studio. There had categories into 7 park which is Hollywood, Madagascar, Far Far Away, Lost World, Ancient Egypt, Sci Fi City & New York.

The journey start from Hollywood. You will walk along the retail shop and restaurants. Soon you will see famous character such as Frankenstein, Kung Fu Panda & other costume character walking around. You are allow to take photos with them. 

Next we will step into Madagascar. Later you can enjoy the dancing show from the character.

Of course they will dance with their theme song. We like to move it move it, I like to move it move it.  LOL. The penguin is so cute so do Gloria the Hippo

The third park to step visit is Far Far Away. The whole theme is about Shrek and The castle is so huge and is awesome ^-^. The major attraction in this park is 4D Shrek. As you can see from the picture below, it was a long queue for this. 

My favorite park is the Lost World from the movie Jurassic Park. The ride in this park is fun and adventure especially Jurassic Park Rapid Adventure where it show from the picture below. For this ride make sure that you bring extra clothes. You will get wet even do with the disposable raincoat. That why you can see that some picture clothes is different. Hahaha

Next you will step into the mystery Ancient Egypt from the movie The Mummy. The sculptures in this theme park are beautiful. The best ride is Revenge of the Mummy (roller coaster) but make sure you put your thing in the locker before you going to for the ride. When you walk along the way in, you feel the mystery of Ancient Egypt is waiting for you. The ride feature warrior mummies, a sudden launch, scarab beetle attack, forward & backward motion is applied on the ride.

After adventure from Ancient Egypt, we continue with Sci Fi City. The city is a real life imagination on how common metropolis of the future would look like.  This theme is the smallest among all theme park in Universal &  the tallest pair of roller coasters. The ride divided into 2 which is Human & Cylon

The final theme that you will walk into to complete the the journey is New York. This theme have the famous New York Public Library with two lion statues at the entrance of the library. There was a yellow cab by the road side. The attraction here is Lights, Camera & Action hosted by Steven Spielberg.

One more show you cant miss out is Waterworld located between Far Far Away & Lost World. The show is absolutely amazing with awesome explosions & thrills sensational water live show.

That will conclude my tour at Universal Studio Singapore. If you come on Friday & Saturday, you will able to enjoy the fireworks that start at 10pm for 1 day pass holder or pay $5 to visit after 7pm. This place is worth with every single cent you pay &  a wonderful experience here ^-^


ken said...

hope to visit one day =)

jfook said...

I haven't been to. perhaps this year.

Rachel Melody said...

Ken: you will feel the execitement when you visit Universal studio
Jfook : Sure, but another atracttion which is Transformer is openining on 2011

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