Thursday, August 26, 2010

Soong Kee beef noodles

If you read my blog, previously I blog about food at Lot10 Hutong food court. Today, I accompany my bf to open an account at Masjid Jamek so we decided to have beef noodles as lunch. When mention about beef noodles, the popular shop will be Soong Kee

Few years back, me & my bf will come to this shop to have lunch after our tuition. It has served beef balls noodles more than 50 years. The shop with air conditioned and a good place for lunch if you wanted to escape from the heat. The food will be served around 5 min as you can see they are busy preparing meal.

You can order a small or large portion with a reasonable price considering the portion they served. You can add extra minced meat, tripe or even a bowl of beef balls.

We had ordered 2 bowl of beef ball noodles that served with 7 large beef ball. You can order different noodles of your choice and the topping will be minced meat.

My bf order dry lou shu fan with minced meat

I order this yellow mee with minced meat. Is a some kind of wantan mee noodle I guess.

a bowl of soup with 7 beef balls and spring onion.

the beef balls are famous because is bouncy like fish balls.

If compare the shop with the one at Hutong food court, I feel that the beef ball noodles that served here are more tasty ^-^


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